I am truly excited to have the opportunity to represent the constituents of US Texas Congressional District 29. I have dedicated my life to serving the community as a small business owner and currently as a Licensed Real Estate agent since 1999. Through my years of experience as a Commercial Retail Leasing Agent I have met and had the gratification of being able to help many small business entrepreneurs acquire their lease space and accomplish their goal(s).

I’m the proud daughter of Joel Espinoza Garcia, Decorated US Army Vietnam War Veteran with two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, I’m an advocate and Supporter of our Military Services and Veterans. I have a close family connection to the military and believe we should do all we can to improve the lives of the people that defend ours so selflessly.

I hereby pledge to my constituents to devote my best efforts to accomplish the following platform:

To represent the voice of my constituents by forming a true democracy regarding proposed legislative bills and making sure that their interest and wellbeing is my priority.   

To bring funding to improve our districts economy by promoting small businesses and helping the job market increase wages, and initiating Co-Op Companies hiring district residents.

To promote our children’s welfare and development, furthering our youths potential by providing higher education facilities for gifted students as well as after school programs to help students that are in need of improving basic studies.

Let’s work together to make our district the Exemplary District others thrive to be like, I want to hear from our constituents and their concern:

Vote for Dominique Michelle Garcia for Congress Texas's 29th Congressional District









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